1. Charge your CarePodd with the provided usb to micro usb cable. The indicator light will flash while charging your CarePodd

2. Once charged, the indicator light will light solid blue. Unplug your CarePodd from the charging cable. Now open your CarePodd by lifting up the magnetic lid

3. Lay your AirPods into the tray, left goes into the right opening of the tray the right AirPod goes into the left opening of the tray.

4. Close the magnet if lid in a way that the air vent is on the backside of your CarePodd- which is the opposing side of the on/off button.

5. Push the on button to start the cleaning cycle

6. At the end of the cleaning cycle, open the lid and take your AirPods out. Done.

7. You can repeat this cleaning cycle as many time as you’d like or until you have reached the desired cleaning results.

Please allow more than one cleaning cycle if the soiling of the AirPod mesh is more significant

Thank you for your being a CarePodd customer and we hope you enjoy your CarePodd
The CarePodd Team