When I initially got my AirPods, I was just as excited about this cool new product as you probably were. The quality, the comfort, the convenience amazed me.

Then, a few weeks in, I noticed dirt and earwax buildup on the mesh. I tried blowing it out, scratching it off and shaking my AirPods. These “high-tech” methods didn’t really do the trick. So, I tried the cotton swab and toothpick method which also didn’t have the desired results, because it’s simply not made for it!

The problem is that as soon as you touch the mesh of the AirPods ear piece with a cotton swab it inevitably pushes some of the earwax through the mesh and it lands on the inside of the housing and it stays there for good. Toothpicks have a similar effect but also have a great potential to damage the mesh – Trust me, being on set #3 I know what I’m talking about and I learned my lesson the hard way.

"What now?" I thought, there has to be something and so I spent hours and days researching the web, Google, YouTube and Amazon for a solution. Still nothing.

So, I sat down and sketched out what I thought would be a good solution. A combination of lifting the earwax without damaging the mesh and moving it away from the Pod. Friends and family all liked the idea so much that I decided to patent my invention.

I contacted my engineer friends in Germany and showed them my idea. A team of highly qualified and experienced engineers spent the next 9 months designing, building and testing CarePodd. Voilà!

Now it’s done and it works so well that I hope to help millions of AirPods and earphone users all over the world to keep their “Pods” clean.

Thanks for looking and for your time reading this. I hope you enjoy your CarePodd. If you do, please give me a positive review, recommend our product and follow us on IG and FB.


Thank you, 


a.k.a. the CarePodd Inventer